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Mobile Phone Unlocking

We’ve been unlocking mobile phones since ever there were mobile phones!!
Our services are used by every local phone shop because we actually know how these things work.
We can unlock most handsets on site while you wait and will explain the whole process with no silly prices or
unbelievable excuses.
Unlocking any phone, iPhones especially, can be a nightmare if you’re not aware of the procedure – our job is to explain everything you need to know and make the whole process painless.

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    Any Samsung in 10 Minutes

    Whether it’s an S10 or a D250, get it unlocked in store while you wait at the best price guaranteed

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    Rare Phones Our Speciality

    Been everywhere and still not unlocked your phone? Come to Wizard – if anyone can do it we can – we hate to be beaten!

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    Unbeatable Prices

    Absolute best price guarantee. We invest in the best equipment to keep prices low

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    Remote Unlock By Code

    We can generate an unlock code for many devices without you having to get to the shop! A great option saving you precious time and money. Very simple to do – get in touch for more details

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Of course! iPhones are a network unlock only, this means that the price and procedure depends upon which network the phone was originally supplied. There are no unlock codes for iPhones – they unlock via iTunes and so we don’t need to keep your handset while it’s waiting to be unlocked.
All phones are different however we have a plethora of unlocking equipment in store, so if there’s a way to unlock your handset while you wait you can be sure we will have that facility.
With the vast majority of handsets unlocking will have no impact on any stored contacts or files. Occasionally your phone may have some configuration error or the process will require a reset – if that is a possibility we will always make you aware of the risks.
Unfortunately all phones are different! Some really old, cheap handsets are very difficult and costly to unlock, on the flip side, some iPhones can be unlocked easily for free! Most unlocks done in store while you wait will cost £7-10.
An added security feature quite common in most new handsets – it’s very easy to forget these details leaving you with a very expensive doorstop if you can’t remember them. We are able to bypass the reset protection lock on any handset while you wait at great prices.
We can bypass any kind of phone lock code. Unfortunately this can mean losing your data in many cases but if it’s at all possible to do it without wiping important information we will do our best to help
Have you tried to remember your lock code and failed miserably leaving you locked out of your expensive Apple device? Never fear – Wizard is here! We’ll get you back in quick smart
We have been unlocking phones since ever there were phones! If there’s a way – we know it. Many shops use our services because they know if we can’t do it, it can’t be done.