Refurbished Laptops

All the machines listed here have been refurbished to the highest standard and come complete with 3 months warranty.
We thoroughly test every aspect and only buy laptops which we would be happy to use ourselves.
Buying a quality used laptop gives you the opportunity to own a much higher spec computer
for lower outlay hence brilliant value for money!
We are experts in laptop repairs so you can be sure we will look after you every step of the way after your purchase.
Any problem whatsoever will be resolved quickly by us at Wizard Electronics with a smile.
If you wish to buy any of these machines give us a call – we’ll save it for collection or deliver it locally for free.

Current Stock

Dell Latitude 3410

Brilliant little laptop.Intel core i3 10th gen, 8gb ram, 256gb fast nvme ssd. 14″ full hd ips screen. Amazing 12 hour battery life. Boxed complete with original charger. Windows 11 and office. Few light marks to the lid, screen and palmrest unmarked. 1 year old.


HP 14-CE

Light and portable 14″ laptop with an intel core i5 8th gen CPU, 8gb ram and 128ssd. Full hd IPS screen, Windows 11 and Office 2019. B&O audio adds to the experience.
Lovely machine with an excellent battery and no faults whatsoever.


Asus VivoBook

Intel Core i5 10th gen, 8gb ram 256gb ssd installed with Windows 11 and Office 2019. In fantastic used condition with an excellent battery. 15.6″ Full hd IPS screen with very thin bezels – looks lovely!
10th gen i5 CPU makes this a very capable  fast machine. Usual Asus high build quality.


Honor Magicbook 15

Exceptional condition – unmarked all aluminium design, these are identical to the Huawei Matebook. AMD Ryzen 5 3500u cpu, 8gb ram and a 256gb nvme ssd make it good for light gaming and CAD applications etc. Beautiful full hd ips screen with tiny bezels. Great battery life. Very pretty, very capable machine!


Dell 5570

Inspiron 5570 in excellent used condition. 8th gen core i3, 8gb ram and a 1tb HD.
Lovely 15.6″ full hd led screen, excellent battery, genuine charger.
Windows 11 and Office 2019


Macbook Air 2013

13″ Intel i5 8th gen with 4GB ram and a 128gb SSD. Brand new OEM battery fitted by us. Absolutely mint condition. Big Sur installed along with Office 2019 – runs lovely – no marks or faults whatsoever. Absolute bargain


Dell 7480

14″ Intel i5 6th gen with 8GB ram and a 240gb SSD. Windows 11 and Office 2019. These machines are fantastic workhorses. Light and portable with very long battery life, full hd screen, built in mobile broadband.
Very quick in use with a convenient backlit keyboard


Huawei Matebook D 15

Excellent used condition 15.6″ matebook. Very light and portable with excellent battery life. Full HD IPS screen with micro bezels, looks lovely!
AMD Ryzen 5 3500u, 8gb ram and 256gb fast nvme ssd. Fingerprint reader and popup webcam.  Windows 11 installed along with Office 2019 – good for light gaming, CAD etc


Huawei Matebook X Pro

Amazing machines these – 13.9″ 3K touchscreen with Dolby Atmos audio. Powerful 8th gen core i5 cpu, 8gb ram and fast 256GB nvme ssd. Boxed complete with original charger. Windows 11 and office. Really lovely laptop – great Macbook pro alternative.