Samsung and Huawei

Choosing the right replacement screen for these phones can be confusing due to the different technologies¬† used in their manufacture. Many Samsung handsets use OLED or SuperAMOLED screens which are made by Samsung themselves. Consequently many replacement screens maintain a relativley high price due to there being no direct “Chinese copies”. Sometimes screens become available which employ LCD panels in place of the OLED – obviously cheaper but nowhere near the same quality.
In order to try and keep the costs low it’s also possible to buy the screen panels bare, that is not mounted onto the phone’s chassis. These are then glued into the existing frame compromising the strength of the unit and its water resistant capability – a bit of an airfix kit approach.
By far the most desirable way to repair these phones is to use genuine original replacement screens exactly the same as supplied when new.
Of course price should always be a consideration however the advantages in using genuine parts generally outweigh the difference in cost.
We have access to the full range of genuine Samsung and Huawei screens direct from their own service centres and can supply these fitted at a considerable saving when compared to Manufacturer prices.
Our technicians have a wealth of experience so you can be sure of a perfect job!
We also can supply genuine original back glasses and battery covers so your expensive device can be returned to its former glory if the worst should happen.